Who are Olive Valley?

Every business weather it’s a one-man band or a global superpower, has a purpose and a set of core values.
We encourage you to write them down and share them with your team members, clients and customers.

Below you will find Olive Valley’s Objective, Purpose, BHAG and Core Values.

Our Objective

To help as many entrepreneurs as possible on the island of Mallorca.

Our Purpose

To add value to entrepreneurs who are seeking to grow their businesses through our community, Investments and Growth Hacking service, whilst having a lot of fun along the way.

(Big Hairy Audacious Goal)

To be actively supporting (via our Growth Hacking & Investment Fund) businesses with a combined turnover of €1 billion per year, whilst ensuring entrepreneurs are following their passion and love what they do.

At least 25% of our portfolio should have social responsibility (see core values) as a core component to their business strategy.

Core Values


We strive to perform excellence in everything we do, demonstrated through the way we treat our community users, event attendees, social responsibility projects, Growth Hacking customers and team members.


We will empower entrepreneurs to be the best they can possibly be whilst not stepping on their toes. Everything we do should be with a long-term mindset, ensuring we are constantly adding value along the journey.


It is critical that this is a fun journey for both ourselves and any businesses we support. Building enjoyment into everything we do will ensure longevity and loyalty both with our clients and team members.