The Harlequin of El Molinar

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The Harlequin of El Molinar

Purposeful Entrepreneur Extraordinaire Till Kraemer

The British comedian Jack Dee once said: “Make lots of money. Enjoy the work. Operate within the law. Choose any two of three.”

What a profound statement. But is it true? Certainly, there are lots of people who think making good money is somehow illegal or at least immoral. It is also a common conception that if you do make money perfectly legally, the work must be boring, and that if the work is enjoyable and legal you can’t possibly make any money.

This is not the way we should be thinking, Till Kraemer of Till Kraemer Coaching, argues. To reach our full potential in business and as human beings, we must use our unique talents to do meaningful stuff – with joy, and purpose. We must do the things that keep us burning with passion and energy to create value for others, and of course we should also see the proof of having succeeded through the physical manifestation of the reward: money.

“People who want to start or are already running their own business have to ask themselves these three questions,” Kraemer says, pouring water into an enormous glass as we sit on his stylish roof terrace overlooking El Molinar.

“Who am I? How can I create value? What is the right business model for me?“

Not for the first time during our interview I have to stop and think. We modern people are always being told to follow your dreams and follow your heart no matter what. But what you don’t know what your dream is? Or what if you have so many ideas and try to follow them all, with the result that you don’t get anything done and certainly not anything of value?

You have to be on fire

Have no fear! Till Kraemer, whose first name means Ruler of People – will lead you in the right direction.

“My mother named me after Till Eulenspiegel, a legendary German harlequin/prankster,” he explains.

“She was hoping I would keep – and share – my sense of joy and fun.”

And yes, Kraemer is certainly aware of how enjoyment and fun are essential in entrepreneurship. But unlike his namesake, he doesn’t play tricks on people. He helps them find their place in the world.

“My job is to help entrepreneurs, perhaps more than anything, get rid of the limiting beliefs they have about themselves, that have been holding them back for decades, often since childhood. I help them unleash their unique greatness.

As we work through the issues – and yes, this is work and the client must be committed to putting in the hours – I help the client see what is possible to achieve. Together we find the best way forward based on the client’s unique talents, experience, and needs. The work must make him feel he’s on fire! ”

Fill in your name and become your own business model

Being on fire is something Kraemer mentions often during our talk.

And haven’t we all felt it at one time or another; those days when we leap out of bed raring to go, when we don’t notice the time and lose ourselves completely in the task at hand? This is what being “on fire” means, and it should be at the centre of being a purposeful entrepreneur, according to Kraemer.

“Take me, for example. In the year 2000 I started a company in Germany together with my father. He had put his life’s savings into this recruitment agency for the sports market, and when he suddenly died in 2002, I felt I should continue the company no matter what … to honour his memory. But the thing was, although I had once studied physical education, I realised I wasn’t really interested in sports! I was losing my creativity. I felt the opposite of on fire. And therefore the company could never be a success. I started feeling depressed, thinking I didn’t have it in me to be an entrepreneur.”

He laughs.

“I had actually been doing career coaching since the nineties, but I couldn’t really find the right business model for myself. Somehow I couldn’t create the kind of framework that would make people commit long term, or long enough for their lives to be transformed.

That meant I couldn’t really make a good living for myself either. But then it all fell into place when I went to California in 2016 to study executive business coaching. I just wish I had left Germany and my father’s and my company much sooner… But I suppose I needed more life experience before I was ready to take the leap,” Kraemer, who has only lived in Mallorca two and a half, smiles.

See yourself as a business and as an artist

“I think I must have lived in Spain in a former life, for I have always felt this inner call to come to this country. I even found myself supporting Spain when they won the world cup in 2010 – over Germany! Mallorca is an ideal place with its great communication and easy access to other European cities. When I left Germany, I had four requirements: I had to be and work with entrepreneurs, I had to live in Spain, it had to be an international place and I had to be surrounded by beauty. And – well! This is it!” he points to the Mediterranean shimmering in the afternoon light only a few steps away.

“As soon as I arrived in Mallorca I started going to meet-ups, just chatting to entrepreneurs and getting to know them. Soon I had my first clients signed up for six months, and since then my business has grown exponentially.”

Now he coaches professionals and business owners, and often gives talks in venues big and small – even people’s living rooms, about how one should go about about starting those “fires”.

“I call the talks in people’s houses Tupperware parties!” he laughs.

“It’s fun! And it should be fun. But actually, fear is a big topic for many and the main thing that is holding them back. I help people overcome their fear, fear of stepping out of their comfort zone, fear of ‘shooting too big.’ Imagine what would be possible if you could have whatever you wanted – without fear? When we draw up a proper plan for the next five or 10 years, we take fear out of the equation. When you start seeing yourself as a unique business model to be nurtured and improved, and actually as a kind of artist who can create value for others by unleashing your unique potential, you’re on the way!”

Kraemer’s vision for the future is a kind of relocation business for the purposeful entrepreneur; a service to help people set up a business and mentally adapt to the lifestyle here before they even leave their home country.

“I’m envisaging Mallorca as the hub for business owners who want to start purposeful ventures that will have a global impact! I also want to establish a physical space, a community, where purposeful entrepreneurs can get together to meet like-minded people. Only a few years ago, co-working spaces were virtually unknown in Spain, but now they are popping up all over the place. This is clearly the way forward.”

Incidentally, the aforementioned Jack Dee is now worth more than 5 million pounds. As one must assume he’s enjoying the work and operating within the law as well, perhaps he has had Till Kraemer as a coach?

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