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Dogged Determination

“I am never going to get another dog!” exclaims Ulf Bernström, looking fondly at the latest member of his four-legged family, the adorable white dachshound Vita. “Well, at least that’s what I said when Vita’s mother had her litter nine weeks ago. Never! I have enough dogs! No more dogs! Except this one!” We both…
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So Long! I Will Take Care of the Rest

Dealing with death digitally In a few weeks it’s been seven years since I stopped smoking. No, I don’t call it “gave up” because it was not a sacrifice. I was what some call a “social smoker,” which just means, well, a smoker; just not the type who reaches for the packet of life-giving smoke…
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What? Has it been One Year?!?

News from the Olive Valley crew It’s hard to fathom, but Olive Valley is already one year old! And what a year it’s been. The members are flooding in, or as close to ‘flooding’ as you can get in Mallorca. For on this tiny island with not many people there are more entrepreneurs than you…
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