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Rapping in Good Company

One of the many interesting things about Mallorca is the incredible amount of stories we find here. Or personal histories, I should say. Granted, everyone in the world has a fascinating background story; just being born and making it to adulthood is a wonder in itself. However, there are stories that seem to stand out…
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Power of One Joanne 1

The Power of One Location

Joanne Smalley, Cardain Communications One of the first things people warn you about when you move to Mallorca, is the price of electricity. They are right; it’s frighteningly expensive. I have to smile when I think back on my days in Hong Kong. The government of that former British colony had so much cash that…
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The Thinking Maker

Michael Cagan of Think and Make It What do you think of when you hear the word ‘inventor’? Something like a classic mad professor but without the white coat and with greasier hair? Someone who sits around in his bathtub until he suddenly shouts “Eureka!” and a lightbulb shoots out of his head? Someone who…
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Dogged Determination

“I am never going to get another dog!” exclaims Ulf Bernström, looking fondly at the latest member of his four-legged family, the adorable white dachshound Vita. “Well, at least that’s what I said when Vita’s mother had her litter nine weeks ago. Never! I have enough dogs! No more dogs! Except this one!” We both…
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What? Has it been One Year?!?

News from the Olive Valley crew It’s hard to fathom, but Olive Valley is already one year old! And what a year it’s been. The members are flooding in, or as close to ‘flooding’ as you can get in Mallorca. For on this tiny island with not many people there are more entrepreneurs than you…
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Happiness is a Good Team

Miguel Pieras of Hustle Got Real If Miguel Pieras hadn’t been so charming, beaming and suffused with such cheery bonhomie and boundless enthusiasm, I might have wanted to punch him. At least slap. For don’t you think he has the audacity to complain – to the degree that this man is able to complain –…
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Parc Bit Tech Businesses Creating One Billion Euros

Parc Bit, the main centre of technological innovation in the Balearic Islands, currently boasts 171 companies and employs more than three thousand workers. Together the businesses are now billing more than one billion euros annually. This joint turnover figure is also growing every year. From its humble start of 16 companies and 300 workers, it…
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Mallorca Solar Farm

A Growth Mindset That Respects The Environment

To become a success, you need to have a growth mindset. When you have the belief that you are in control of your own ability, everything fits into place as if by magic. The benefits of learning and growing are key in creating and expanding yourself. This can be crucial in business. It can give…
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Why Is Mallorca Prime For Investment?

As an investor, there are many things to consider before you can commit your investment. Research and a thorough understanding of your proposed industry go without saying. The location should also be a deciding factor. When you make the decision to invest or to start a business, Mallorca is a prime location which is accessible…
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Balearic Companies Inspire €600m Foreign Investment

Balearic Companies are providing inspiration to foreign investors and benefitting from investment. The diversification of the economy has created a thriving business environment. As a result, there has been an increase in foreign investment, from €138m in 2017, to a staggering €600m in 2018. The Balearic Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce stated that this…
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