A Growth Mindset That Respects The Environment

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A Growth Mindset That Respects The Environment

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To become a success, you need to have a growth mindset. When you have the belief that you are in control of your own ability, everything fits into place as if by magic. The benefits of learning and growing are key in creating and expanding yourself. This can be crucial in business. It can give you a competitive edge, high-end prospects and a planned vision of the future.

Living on a group of islands it may seem strange talking about growth. But an island’s existing infrastructure, just like a business, also needs to be continually assessed and improved when necessary. Steps need to be taken to improve different areas, but without affecting the natural environment.

Concentrating On A Circular Economy

At the recent economic forum there were over 400 attendees to hear the presentation of the 3rd Edition of the Illes Balears Yearbook 2018. They came from business, social, political and public associations from throughout the islands.

Antoni Riera, the Professor of Applied Economics from the UIB and the technical director of the Impulsa Balears Foundation gave a lecture entitled, “ Grow or not to grow, this is not the issue”. The lecture highlighted growth in business and how this could be achieved alongside environmental sustainability.

He discussed new opportunities that are appearing in the changing business environment and the benefits of moving to a more sustainable economic model. He explained that more focus needed to be given on “how to grow” rather than “how much grows”.

A circular economy would help minimise waste on the islands and make the most of the resources. This move from a linear economy, to a circular one, would help break the “take, make, dispose” model of production.

We live on beautiful islands and need to protect and respect the environment as best as we can.

Leave The Car At Home

The 2019-2026 plan for mobility by the Balearic government was to “reduce the use of private vehicles in favour of public transport”. This commitment is still producing great results.

The Transport Minister, Marc Pons, has recently announced a plan to extend the railway system to Alcudia, Arta and Cala Ratjada. The plan also includes extending the tram system to the airport from the centre of Palma. With potential rail connections to Llucmajor and Felanitx and a tram to Santa Ponsa.

There is also a proposal to create a subway line that links the center of Palma with Badia Gran. The new metro line would be double-laned and would be 24 kilometers long. Except for the centre of Palma, most of the route would be on the surface. Or it would be located on an elevated track and would not interfere with traffic.

Units per Conservar, has proposed that the trains could be propelled with hydrogen. This would be “more environmentally sustainable and economical”. “This idea is already being developed in Germany effectively. Also, the fuel could be manufactured at the plant in Lloseta”, says Robert Busquet, spokesman for the platform.

A Greener Future

This year, there has already been a 12% increase in passenger numbers, at Palma’s Son Sant Joan airport, between January and April, this is in comparison to 2018. In April alone, there was a 14.2% increase to 2,514,286 passengers arriving and departing.

The stats for passengers can go up and down, but the beauty of the island always remains the same. It is in our interest as business owners and entrepreneurs to protect the environment. We need to ensure that our business has a growth mindset that respects the environment.

After the climate change law that was approved earlier in the year the Balearic Islands has committed itself to source all its energy from renewables by 2050. This law will see coal power phased-out on Mallorca by 2025. New diesel cars will also not be able to circulate from 2025 and the same for new petrol vehicles from 2035.

It is worth reminding all businesses that incentives and subsidies are being provided to boost clean energy generation on the four main islands. Growth is a positive word. And when it is used in the correct way by business, we are able to create a more sustainable future for all.

Sally Leslie

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